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LED Furniture – LED Log Stools - Prevista

led furniture – led log stools

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illuminating asia singapore is offering the most trusted led furniture brand. nothing can set the mood in the house like one of your led lighted stools. project and provide your family and friends a different experience with the cool glow from one of our stool designs. the stools are fun and they

LED Lights – PHOS Series Floodlight  - Prevista

led lights – phos series floodlight

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

phos led floodlight, the most trusted led floodlight brand uses high quality bridgelux led chip set and driver to provide a strong assurance to users on the long lifespan and high brightness light quality. each floodlight is handcrafted and undergone stringent quality checks to ensure the reflec

Elektra Square Downlights with Glass Trimmings - Prevista

elektra square downlights with glass trimmings

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

the most trusted elektra series – downlight with glass trimming is a high quality led lamp in an aesthetically crafted exterior. with a comfortable lighting effect, the lamp is installed widely in both commercial and residential projects as the main lighting. it replaces conventional cfls an

Dunamis™ Series T5 LED Tube - Prevista

dunamis™ series t5 led tube

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

price: 1ft - s$20.00 each 2ft - s$22.00 each 3ft - s$24.00 each - professional optical design, no visible dark spots on lamp, smooth and comfortable light effect - high cri, which is close to natural light - easy connection and quick start with strong tolerance for variation in input current

Galaxias LED Strips - Prevista

galaxias led strips

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

- price: $12 per meter, sold in a roll per 5 meters - high quality leds from taiwan and is subjected to strict quality controls in singapore - highly flexible - warranty: one year warranty with lifetime after sales support - can be used in both indoor and outdoor events. a great alternative to

Elektra™ Circular Tube Light - Prevista

elektra™ circular tube light

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

illuminating asia singapore have the most trusted elektra™ circular tube light brand. it is a premium spotlight with an aesthetically crafted holder. the casing allows the spotlight to be tilted at an angle to emphasis on an object or a specific area. the diamond chrome reflector enhances the ove

Thronos LED cubes - Prevista

thronos led cubes

Central RegionFor Sale | Furniture - Décor

- material : high grade polyethylene; waterproof - sizes :40 cm, 50cm - battery: 1800&2200ma lithium rechargeable - remote control : ir(5-10m) adapter: 5v1.5a - battery working hours: 8 hrs. - suitable for all pool parties, engagement/private parties, product launches, both residentia


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